Saturday, April 2, 2011

Read (and Dance) Like a Bronco

One of the most interesting and exciting times for a student is when they begin to read.  One of the most powerful and useful times for a student is when they become a reader.  What other way to encourage this natural desire to learn than to get a bunch of elementary kids together in a gym, add some music and dancing, drop in an energized TV personality, and turn the Belmond-Klemme Broncos loose on KCCI's evening news.  Check out the ACTION HERE!

Thanks to KCCI, "Mr. Bob" and Marcus Macintosh for the opportunity to showcase some of what BK has to offer, our strong and committed faculty and staff, and especially the students of whom we are so proud.



Kastendieck said...

What a great day for students, staff, administration,and community. A day to show off the enthusiasm for reading in a large format. PR is important due to the fact most of the really important learning and leading educational learning is done behind the scenes. Glad to see the elementary recognized in such a public way!!!! Oh and talk about cute kids!!!

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