Why Would I Want to Join?

If you looked at this question and actually clicked to get here, then you are probably in one of two categories.  Group one is the "Hey, I may want to do that" group.  You are in the wise minority of the world.  Group two is the "Yeah, WHY?" group.  You are the cautious and thinking group that needs convincing.

Group One...Welcome.  Click away.

Group Two...Give it a shot.  I could give you all kinds of reasons that make sense to me, but they may not to you.  The reality is, you are what make this site work well.  You disagree, you challenge, you want proof.  I'm not going to try to convince you here, but I do hope you give it a shot and let the site convince you.  Then you can simply stop following if it isn't meeting your needs.

Both Groups...I like conversation.  Whether in person, phone, Skype, e-mail, text, blogging, or whatever I'm missing, it is my way to learn.  My hope is that others enjoy this as well, and this creates a forum for that exchange of ideas.  I do not post a lot - though if you are new, I would encourage that you check out the archives for something of interest - and I prefer to take the posts as on-going conversation.  Too many times for me on other sites, the quick responses are made and no real conversations develop, and sometimes that is good.  Hopefully, I'll have both here for you, and we'll have a great time challenging thoughts and refining our own beliefs over the course of those great conversations.

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