Saturday, July 3, 2010


Much like that famous quote from the movie Wallstreet, "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good,"  I think I like stress.  Taken alone and out of context, it really appears to be one of the worst concepts imaginable, like greed being good.  I have to admit, though, that when I'm stressed, I do better.  When lots of things are happening, I get focused.  When pandamonium erupts, I become effective.  When things look the most bleak, I personally find some hope and energy.  That must mean that, "stress, for lack of a better word, is a motivator".  I think you can/should quote me on that.  So, should I go looking for more stress in my life?  Do I need to sit down and create a list of wants that I don't really need so that my greed can increase?  Can I find ways to worry about how to get what I need to provide what I want?  That seems like the ultimate compilation of stress and greed, so it must be perfect!  Of course that sounds ludicrous, but it also seems like there has got to be a thread of truth in there too.  Somehow, somewhere stress is serving a function, and I think I LIKE IT.



Trish Morris said...

Well then. You are going to do awesome here! Be careful what you wish for dude, because you may get it.

Marshall said...

Here and everywhere. I really believe that stress is most prevalent in those that are most passionate. If you don't care about what you are doing, how does that create stress? Managing the stress that is created by trying to do a good job or make things better is probably the real goal on this topic. Not sure if I have that one down really well either, but we'll keep trying.

Marshall said...

You know, I just realized that I didn't give enough credit to the quote. Hopefully you have seen the movie, but if not, here is the snippit of the speech... that you can watch. This is Gordon Gekko, no not the Geico Gecko, multi-millionaire business finace guy. It's one of my favorite Michael Douglas movies.

Kastendieck said...

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. ~Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

If stress makes you focus remember to relax so that you can see the big picture.... (says me)

Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness. ~Richard Carlson

The more stress I feel the more I can see this quote but like a say crazy is at least interesting. (says me)

So relax and go a little crazy with the new job!!!

Kastendieck said...

Stress managed can be the ultimate key to productivity. I procrastinate just so I can feel the stress, at least that is what I think my reason is. Procrastination promotes creativity and creativity is the key to our future and also the future of education. Now the key phrase is managed stress, out of control stress is not productive but destructive. So I am happy to join the managed stress educational legue...lets get productive and creative at the same time.

Kastendieck said...

This blog post topic is talked about in the book "the Upside of Irrationality" by Dan Ariely. If you have reading time you should try it.

Trish Morris said...

So, I can now say I am feeding my creativity thus being more productive when I procrastinate? :-)

Tina, I do like the way you explain things! However, at this point my creativity doesn't like my procrastination diet that I am feeding it so I am not producing up to par.

I also like the comment of Marshall's, "I really believe that stress is most prevalent in those that are most passionate. If you don't care about what you are doing, how does that create stress?"

I think that, after reflection, hits the nail on the head. There are two types of stress, Interesting site and it sums up what I think you are talking about Marshall.

Kastendieck said...

I agree that some times creativity does need a little more attention and a little less procrastination. I also agree that stress is more often part of a passion or dedication. Once in awhile stress is just and excuse to not do what is expected. What ever way you define stress I know Marshall Lewis works well with or without stress and I am sure you will handle yours with creativity when push comes to shove. I was going to go to the site you suggested but it says there is an error in the address. Would you post it again?

Trish Morris said...

here you go..


Kastendieck said...

Marshall's comment, "I really believe that stress is most prevalent in those that are most passionate. If you don't care about what you are doing, how does that create stress?"
This is so true ... I am seeing this daily... it can be heart rending and uplifting at the same time. When I see staff stressed and working to their max it makes me want to find a way to thank them, help them, and work harder myself. This comes around full circle because they do the same for me. What a great experience... not always easy... not always fun...but worth every minute.
Trish finally got the site open , great graph, nice to have a visual to see what you know is happening.

Anonymous said...

Okay stress can be good and makes you work harder,yeah I get it. Well stress can be bad and makes you work harder also but also makes you crazy. Stress that makes you sick and not sleep comes from caring and watching things go wrong. The stress part is feeling like you can't do anything about it or you can't do enough to make it better. So what do you do with that stressful opportunity? Learn from it sure...perhaps get away from it if you can...stop caring I sure hope not.

dkeane said...

I stress is a motivator, I am one motivated individual here lately. LOL
I would agree that there are many who truly shine in a pinch. I have witnessed those who become heroes as well as those who crumble.
Leaders, in my opinion, are those who are able to problem solve in the midst of chaos.
They need to be empathetic, but save personal emotion until the crisis has passed.
I would also way that great leaders, avoid a great deal of crisis and most generally have things in place to assist decision making in a stressful situation.
One thing that I know makes several who have posted here good leaders and able to handle stress is that they have confidence and they make all decisions based on a core set of values. They also know what it takes to get the job done and do it.
There are those in education who have great ideas and yet let stress become an insurmountable obstacle. Fear and stress lead them to despair. It is not a motivator but rather causes paralysis.
Alcohol can make some people an idiot while others will exude brilliance. Stress has the same dual effect on people.

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