Saturday, March 31, 2012

Does This Matter?

This morning I just did a little review of my blogging stats.  The final conclusion is this:  It really doesn't matter what I do.

I'm serious about that.  It appears that occasionally people happen across my blog and take a peek.  The statistics say that happens about 10 times a day or so.  The reason I believe this to be the phenomenon is that I haven't blogged since January 24th, and the numbers aren't really changing.  At one point I thought maybe a few people were interested in some of the topics and conversations that were being held here.  Some of that may be true, but it doesn't seem like that is the overwhelming majority.

Now, that being said, I did have almost 800 hits in one month (compared to the 300 or so recently), so there may still be some interest in at least something.  There were a few good articles and events happening that were the reference, so my interest has again been stimulated.  I'm wondering if this month (April) will show any more activity if I post a couple of items.  We'll give it a shot and find out.

With about 50 posts so far on this site, some have received a few comments and some none.  Hopefully a few people have even gotten an insight, been informed on a topic, or caught a phrase that made them think about something for a moment.  That is what I hope.  I have generally tried to post things that were somewhat thought provoking and had some level of importance.  Not always, but generally.  It is my intent to keep with that concept, but I also believe it may just be flat out fun to toss in some other items along the way.

So with no guarantees, no expectations, and at least some level of genuine determination...let's see what April brings.



Scott McLeod said...

Yes, let's see what April brings! If you post, I'll read it!

Marshall said...

Dr. McLoed, thanks for the support. We'll see if I can catch your attention somewhere along the line.

Kastendieck said...

I don't think you are in the 'blogging alone' category. You might be in the 'blogging for few' once in awhile. I think you would be generally classified as 'Blogging for a group'. That being said I know that you have a goal to be labeled as'blogging for a very large and comment worthy group'. Keep up the blogging and see what April brings.

Marshall said...

Just today I again reviewed some data and my efforts. On the latter, I failed miserably. Not only did I not post more, I think I posted much less. Lots of distractions and other excuses...not going there.

On the other hand, I think I have proven (at least to myself if not statistically) that the limited number of hits I have received are not exceptionally based on my writing. In other words, very few if any really care what I'm writing. That isn't self-pity and a feeling of worthlessness - it's the fact that I haven't created interest, and I'm not creating an audience.

So, without really doing the number-crunching of a statistical analysis, I think right now I'll continue to write occasionally and take what comes. If I'm wrong, and some of you want to join the site, please feel free. Those of you that are reading my sparratic thoughts - maybe you are just the brave few out there.

Scott McLeod said...

Post when you want. I'll read it!

Kastendieck said...

Just reviewed data from my blog site. I usually get one or two site visits a day (yes I will admit zero on a lot of days also). Have come to the conclusion that it is the writing that is the main focus of my blog. With that I have tried to be faithful to one a month. I am not sure, like you, why there are not more hits. I would like to personally thank my few (thank you follower) followers that I do have for taking an interest occasionally. (Blogging alone can sometimes get very lonely). I have tried catchy titles to attract more hits and sometimes that works and most times it doesn't matter at all. Now here is the experiment. Three days ago I recieved the most hits I have ever had...49 in one day. Now I will admit that it was not for the quality writing or catchy title since the hits seemed to be on several posts. The only thing I can think of was that someone had a tech class and used my site...or someone read my blog and their computer froze and kept going to the same site over and over again(yes this is what I really think happened and had it happen with another computer that I own). So keep writing,your topics are interesting, and don't wait for a computer to lock up.

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