Great Belmond-Klemme Links

I'm still testing these, but they should get you to Belmond-Klemme items like calendar and employment. 

The below links actually direct you to the items produced on the Belmond-Klemme Website, so you aren't seeing something different.  They should allow you  to check out the information in another window and still keep the Bronco Bits site up and available if you choose to return to it.  Again, these are only links to the sites, and are simply meant as something available to you in another location if it makes it easier.

If you are experiencing problems or have ideas for this (and other items) please let me know so I can fix them if possible.  It is experimental for me - stretch learning you could say - so any feedback is very much appreciated.

Please click the below:

BK District Activity & Building Reservation Calendar

BK Current Job Postings

Iowa Alerts Sign-up

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