Sunday, April 24, 2011

Iowa Superintendent Pool Looking Strong

I had an opportunity to speak with a group of aspiring superintendents over the weekend.  What a chance to meet some excellent people and hear some of the same fears that I had at that time.  This is one of those positions that you really don't get the full appreciation for until you start the job.  The only thing that I wish is that we had more time.  I really enjoyed this group and they were thoughtful and insightful, but the part where I was involved was less than half an hour.  Not that I have all of the answers (or any even) but the exposure to the stories was something that I wish I could have had before taking my first position.  The one thing that I believe so much for any position, and we heard it over and over that day, is that the FIT is the key. That is even more true to the superintendency.  There are potential jobs our there, and sometimes things come together unplanned.  Getting into something that accentuates the strengths of an academic leader, however, is important because it affects so many people within the organization.  There was so much talent in that room that I just didn't want to leave.  Thanks to Troyce and Dan for the opportunity.



Anonymous said...

Would of enjoyed being a fly on the wall and listening to the stories and conversations at the future superintendents meeting. Great that you got to participate. A school district is like a great team (lets say basketball because that is the greatest team sport of all) The coach (superintendent) builds the team and leads it to educational wins. Each team has it's own personality and strengths. The superintendent has to fit into the team dynamics. So I agree that Fit is very important. Sounds like BK and their superintendent fit so educational wins are happening.

Marshall said...

We try. Like any team that strives for success, the emphasis is on WE.

Kastendieck said...

I will say that I totally agree that the WE is one of the most important thing to remember in team work. I will also say that' Marshal' you are naturally a WE leader.

Marshall said...

That is clearly what I prefer. Teams are great because any one person can really mess up. The more heads thinking about concepts, the less likely it is that anything will be missed. The true test of a team, however, is not the "WE" leader, but the "WE" team. having even one dissenter that does not actively buy into that concept will cripple it. That is why I am so very fortunate to have the people in my district that I do. Shared visions, shared beliefs, shared focus and they all revolve around students. How sweet! Having worked with you in the past, Tina, and knowing your commitment to kids and the system, I know that a "WE" organization would fit you well.

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