Sunday, May 20, 2012

Final Words to Belmond-Klemme's Class of 2012

The Belmond-Klemme Class of 2012 (which includes my own son) left the school doors just minutes ago.   In the welcome speech, I had the chance to have the last word before they officially completed their high school careers.  This is that speech:

Good afternoon. 

My name is Marshall Lewis, and I am the proud Superintendent of Belmond-Klemme.  It is my opportunity and pleasure to welcome you to today’s celebration of the students we serve…a celebration of the years of classrooms, sports, music, honors, accomplishments, and learning. 

As a community of learners, we formally recognize today the advancement of these young men and women on the basis of their academic success.  We informally recognize today that the pathways of their futures begin to dramatically branch as never before.  Today, Class of 2012, marks the beginning of making your own way…of self-reliance…of independence.

Let me guarantee that somewhere along that way you will find success.  You will find happiness.  And you will find satisfaction.  Let me additionally guarantee that each of you will experience more than these things.  Among some of those experiences, you will find failure, you will find frustration, and you will find grief.  These are additional learning opportunities…chances to look deeply into who you are, to grow even more as a person, and to evaluate the decisions that create the pathway of your life.  Embrace these difficult opportunities … as they are the teachers of your future.  It continues to be our job…the job of those around you today – as your family, friends, and mentors – to prepare you for this and support you along the way.  Rely on that support.  Count on it.

The greatest regret in life is not that we fail in our efforts – it is that we fail to meet our potential.  So, soon to be graduates…don’t sell yourself short.  Set your goals high.  Step up to the challenges of life.  Don’t be timid about your future.  And when you fail in your efforts – fail BIG.  Fail on the grandest scale possible because you pushed yourself to do more than expected.  That is how you eliminate the regret of not meeting your potential, how you strive to meet the challenge, and how you learn to be you.

I wish you all the best in your futures…with Bronco Pride.  Thank you.



Scott McLeod said...

AWESOME. Nicely done!

Good luck to your son and the other graduates as they head into the next stages of their lives!

Anonymous said...

Short and to the point. I hope that all the graduates took this to heart. The world is made better by what humans learn from big failures, and if they do not they repeat the failure until they learn big.
Congratulations to the Belmond Klemme class of 2012>

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