Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good Bye to the Old Horse

After spending the last however long blogging on Bronco Bits, it is now time to close the door on my original blog:  Beating the Dead Horse.  Although the time I spent on that blog was equally enjoyable, and there were a few good discussions/arguments, it is just something that I have not kept current.  So, to that one reader somewhere in France that has checked in a couple of times in the last month, including today:  Farewell.  All of the articles that were written there have been uploaded (or is it downloaded in this case?) to Bronco Bits, so there is still a bit of the "Old Horse" in the "New Bronco" I guess.  If you are extremely bored and just are wondering how to spend those last few minutes of precious time this evening, feel free to look back at the 2010 and before posts that you may not have caught on Bronco Bits.  If it doesn't get your head thinking, maybe it will cause you to drift off into a dream-filled slumber.  Good Night, Readers.  Good Night, John boy.  Good Night, Horse.



Scott McLeod said...

Good night, Horse. Thanks for the fun!

Marshall said...

Yes, Scott, it was a great RIDE. Thanks for SPURRING me on. Yeah, sorry, but I couldn't resist.

Kastendieck said...

Great blog with great conversations, switching the saddle to Bronco Bits, and the horse goes on....

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