Thursday, November 24, 2011

Administration On the Road

The Belmond-Klemme Administrative Team will be meeting with the community at various locations around the District.  Far too often, we create a meeting that is housed at one of the schools, invite people, and expect that they will miraculously appear to share their ideas.  Although this does happen, it is also our opportunity to demonstrate that we want to be available outside of the school buildings as well.  The reality of these meetings is that they are a starting point with which we hope to produce on-going conversations. 

Here are the dates, times and locations that you can find us.
  • Wednesday, November 30th, 7:00 PM in Klemme - Klemme Public Library Community Room (Main Street)
  • Monday, December 5th, 7:30 PM in Goodell - Community Hall (East end of Broadway Street)
  • Wednesday, December 14th, 7:00 PM in Rowan - Rowan Public Library (Main Street)
At this point, we believe that all three administrators will be able to attend.  Although we do know things may come up, we have intentionally avoided nights that would likely cause a conflict for both the administrators and the communities.  Hopefully we will be successful in that endeavor.  You will be able to hear from:
  • Mr. Mike Thompson - Principal of Jacobson Elementary School
  • Mr. Eric Dockstader - Principal of Belmond-Klemme Jr/Sr High School
  • Mr. Marshall Lewis - Superintendent of Schools
The format of these conversations may vary based on the number in attendance in order to keep our thoughts on target and at a personal level.  Planning for these evenings is very simple - we have booked locations and advertised the activity.  From there we want to be responsive to the questions of the community, give our honest feedback, talk with people about what they perceive, clear up vague areas, take suggestions and ideas, and maybe meet some people that we haven't yet at this point. 

Another point that you will notice is that there is not a meeting scheduled in Belmond, the largest of the communities that also is the home of both school buildings and athletic fields.  This is a conscious decision that is intended to emphasize the communities that are more physically distant from the daily activities of the school.  Travelling to these communities allows us the opportunity to hear what is going well and not going well from the perspective of those that have different needs than the Belmond residents.  We hope that residents of Belmond will also attend these meetings, but it will cause them to understand first hand the difficulties of doing so in our other communities. 

We hope that you will join us at one of these evenings, and we look forward to sharing what is happening at Belmond-Klemme and hearing ideas that you may have.  We are all members of this extended community of learning, and we are all interested in doing the best we can on behalf of the students we serve.



Anonymous said...

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

Great idea to find out all the differences and combine the ideas into a strong school system.

Marshall said...

Now that all is done, here's a quick recap of the Administrative Tour. Doesn't really sound like a Rock Star Tour, but is much closer than the reality. Our numbers did climb over time...really. The first stop, one person joined us. The second grew to four community members, and the finale took in about 6-8. I must admit that I can't give a specific number as I was not in the room and some entered after the initial introductions. I was on Skype, so the information was shared well, but the seating arrangement meant that the computer only caught a few individuals who I could see and visa versa. The last question I asked the group was if it was a waste of their time or something worth while. My impression was that of pretty resounding support for the evening. The conversation itself ran the entire gambit over three meetings: Taxes, sports, academics (yes! with a fist pump!), future, past, transportation, and much more. Some of it was just to understand what was happening. Some was to say they weren't thrilled with the direction. A few were even support of the efforts of the school. Thanks to all that participated, and for those that couldn't, the school is still standing. We'd love to have you stop in and chat, but I'm going to suggest that you set an appointment so we are sure to make the connection.

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