Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Negotiations Wrap-up

As a Superintendent, one thing you know is going to happen is the process of negotiating with local education associations.  It's not something that most people, on either side of the table, really look forward to starting.  As we near the last phases of the process here, however, I must say that it was a good process.  We laid the table effectively to start, planned our process, focused on "right" as opposed to "us vs. them" concepts, listened intently to each other, agreed/disagreed respectfully across the table, agreed/disagreed respectfully on the same side of the table, and generally communicated well.  Not that I am eager to start the process again, but if that is how we continue to approach a necessary step in the school year, you can count me in.  Much of this success, however, has to go to the members of the teams.  Two Board Members represented the school while meeting with two Representatives for the Education Support Association, and the same Board Members worked with three Education Association Members.  There were some tough decisions and conversations that were essential, and these seven people put their nose to the grindstone and were determined to make this a successful event, and it was.  Thanks to them for their professionalism and dedication to our school and ultimately our students.



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