Friday, January 14, 2011

New or Old Leadership?

As of today, the state of Iowa has a New Governor...or an Old Governor...or a Recycled Governor...ok, so we have a Former Governor entering as a Newly Elected Current Governor.  Not that we need to make politics or legislation any more complicated, I just like the terminology game.

What lies before us is again going to take turns and twists to adjust to the beliefs and philosophies of another individual and party taking "control" of the decisions our state has to make.  Although I have never been a very politically involved person, I am very aware of how it impacts our educational system and the students we serve.  With lots at stake for our schools and students, my hope is that we have upcoming years of common sense, communication, and concern coming from our state leaders.

Best of luck, Governor Branstad, it's an opportunity that we all hope goes well for you and, in turn, the residents of Iowa - especially our youth.



Tina said...

I can say I have always been interested in the politcal element in our free society. I will also say that I am coming to the realization that education needs all political parties to be invested in the education of our future. One party can not do it alone. That being said political parties whether in power or not, should never decide educational law,budget, or policy without the guidance of the professional educators (supt,principals, teachers) and the individuals paying for the programs (parents, grandparents,taxpayers) and the students recieving the education. I was impressed to see that the Supt. of Belmond Klemme and the elementary principal thought it was important enought to be engaged in the political process during the discussion of the Pre-school Program and funding issues. Good representation from Blemond Klemme whether the Pre-School grant is continued or not. I always have the hope that those voted in to positions in our government will be wise and take the state or country in a positive path. To think otherwise is counter productive.

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