Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Some things in life seem so incredibly simple.  When someone holds a door for you, a nice, "thank you" seems to be appropriate.  If you receive a gift for graduation, your birthday, a wedding, etc. there is nothing wrong with a nice little note of thanks.  On top of that, there are the exceptional efforts of individuals that simply go beyond what is expected.  These are the people that clear a driveway following a snow, those that leave their intended pathway to carry groceries to the house of a neighbor, or "pay it forward" in so many other ways.  In this category are two individuals that I am proud to call both "friends" and "mentors" for me.  Although both will humbly describe what they are doing for me as part of "their job" it is the intensity with which they approach our meetings that truly demonstrates how exceptional these two leaders are.  It's the situations like these that appreciation can really not be expressed to the appropriate level.  We have all been in the position where someone has done something wonderful for us, and all we can really do is say a heartfelt "thanks" and try to do the same for another person we may encounter.  With thatexplanation, THANKS, Bob and Dennis, for challenging me and having the confidence in me to make your time valuable.



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