Saturday, August 25, 2012


New, new new!!  We all like the new stuff.  Cutting edge tends to catch our attention. 

So as we start a NEW school year with NEW educators and NEW students, it should be an exhilarating experience.  So far it has been just that.  On top of that, let's add:  NEW approaches to curriculum (Core), NEW technology, NEW initiatives, NEW reporting (C-Plan, anyone?) and NEW fill in the blank for you.

Someone stop me before I start selling a NEW mixer or NEW athletic shoes.  The one thing that still concerns me is that while we have all of these NEW things on which to focus, we tend to do so with the same approach with which we have become comfortable.  You do know that "we" tend to teach the way "we" were taught, which tends to be a little bit of a impediment to true progress.

Yes, a short post (some of you are amazed).  That doesn't mean it has to be a short conversation.



Kastendieck said...

New is great, everyone likes something new. Not all new is of quality. If education is bombarded with new it is difficult to embrace it with the gusto needed to make the new successful. I remember a quote from someone who was remodeling their house. They were telling me how they had just finished the kitchen and the next year they would work on the exterior. I asked "With all the work and cost would it have been more worthwhile to build a new house?" She commented ,"Then the excitement and thrill would be over in one summer, this way I get to keep the comfortable old qualities of my house with the excitement of every year focusing on updating, improving, and celebrating." Long term change with multiple comfortable changes and newness. I really like that idea!!!
This analogy includes the idea stated in the blog 'teaching the same with with new things'. How can a school district keep some comfortable quality elements of education and include the new in an exciting and purposeful way.

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