Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finding the Roses

It has been my typical effort to find something relatively intellectual or at least conversational for my posts.  After all, my purpose for blogging has been based in a desire to learn from others.  I'm clearly leaving that arena this time, and my post is much more personal and less professional.

Recently, I had the opportunity to golf with one of my children.  We have done this before, and we always have a good time.  This time, however, was exceptional.  Because neither of us is good, we play best shot typically.  Usually we use 80-90 percent of my shots.  This time, it was about 70 percent his.  Essentially, this means he out played me.  In a normal situation, that would have frustrated me as I am very competitive and do not like to do anything less than my best every time.  Although I didn't do badly, he was simply "on" for this round.  Yes, I'm happy for his success, and we scored a + 4 for nine holes...not bad for what is typically a bogey golf team.

All of that said, the key here wasn't the golf.  We simply talked and enjoyed each other as father and son, two guys on a course, or a couple of friends.  With all of the things that seem to be important to us on a daily basis, it is hard to remember to make time for the simple opportunities afforded to us in life.  I'm not saying that what we do every day isn't important because it is.  What I am saying is that we don't consciously take the time to least I don' least not enough.

Stopping to smell the roses is nothing new.  We've been told to do that time and time again.  What I personally have a tough time doing is identifying which roses are the most fragrant.



Anonymous said...

Children are always the roses that should always be stopped for....

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