Monday, December 28, 2009

Ease of Use - aka - Limiting Paperless Paperwork on BTDH

After my last post about blogging anonymously, I have finally figured out how to allow people to comment on this site without all of the rigmarole (or if you prefer rigamarole) of signing in, etc.  Please keep in mine the fact that credibility is established with transparency, and I encourage you to be the "real you" on this site.  My clear effort is to honor our different perspectives and even revel in the divergence of our opinions.  If you have all of the same opinions as I do, for example, boy do I feel sorry for you.  I also would encourage you to follow this site by adding yourself as a's over there-->



Kastendieck said...

Okay I would follow you but it is next to impossible. Went to follow and it tells me to go through my google account which is what I have to do to post comments. Good I can do that. No it won't let me. So I went to see who was following you and you are following you. I am not following you so don't look around you won't find me until this site decides you need someone besides yourself following you. Now who is on first base?

Kastendieck said...

Was the high lighted rigamorale (perhaps mistranslated but easier to say) an attempt to show ease of use or sarcasm as to the posting?

Marshall said...

Sorry that didn't work. I thought that it was now easier and you wouldn't have to sign in. When you follow yourself, it doesn't ask any of that, so I can never tell if it is working. Great to have you let me know. As for the rigamarole (I just like the word but not sure if it would be accepted as good language either) it was just a fun link, nothing too serious there. I do like the rigaMORALE you infused, sometimes the morale IS dampened by rigamarole. And, yes, Who's on first.

Kastendieck said...

Not sure how much rigamorale you had to go through but I am now following. Good to see that someone understands my humor.

Marshall said...

Although I would like to think I did something that did actually allow you to follow me, it didn't work. If you are following, you figured it out, not me. Here I am publicly saying I'm not sure how to work my own website. Maybe that is a step in the right direction somehow, but it is discouraging to me anyway... Keane was able to get it done though, so it is possible. Maybe this Dead Horse has been beaten enough without getting any results. Thanks for the interest, and I'll let you know if I do stumble upon something that will actually help.

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