Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome to the "Horse"

Why the name? Of course that is the big question. After several conversations that have simply landed flat, I am interested in starting conversations that last a bit longer, allow more voices, and generally beat the topic (the dead horse, of course) to death. Not that there is any expectation of solutions, finality, or completeness, but a concept of avoiding a quick shot and walking away. Deeper conversation and re-reading what other viewpoints may be is hopefully the common thread that will develop at the "Horse."

Another factor in the name is the state of US Education, and maybe education in general. We know that we can do better; we know our kids can learn more and differently; we know we can expect more; but instead of getting a "fresh horse" to carry us forward, we are content to keep beating the old system, thinking somehow it will revive and carry us on without making any real changes that may affect the way we (educators) do things. Our comfort zone is our safety in times of change, and to leave that means to risk failure that so many are not willing to face.

Also, I'm not looking to get hundreds of hits, get lots of followers and contributors, and set the world on its ear. It is more about some honest back and forth and considering other viewpoints. Please keep it civil and respectful, but also be honest. Looking forward to some good blogging.



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